Procedures and policies have long been recognised as a fundamental part of any safety management system. But it’s people, not paperwork that’s the key to a safe workplace. With up to 200 + skilled employees servicing and supporting upstream compression and processing products at customer sites spread throughout the Australian / Asian region, developing a consistent safety culture across the organisation is no easy task for a company like Enerflex.


Enerflex adopted the Safety Moment Cards as a tool for promoting thought-provoking safety conversations in the workplace. Each of the 52 cards provides a conversation prompt about the characteristics and behaviours of effective safety leaders. The aim is to develop an aligned understanding of “what does a good safety leader look like in practice?” and to continually reinforce this message.


The Enerflex team have become strong advocates of the cards since adopting them. They are being used on a regular and routine basis across all levels of the company:

  • Frontline workforce – used by line supervisors to deliver interactive toolbox talks and to engage their work teams in meaningful safety conversations
  • Middle management – used to reinforce the importance of a consistent, company-wide approach in the way managers think, talk and act in relation to safety
  • Executive – used as an ice-breaker at the start of meetings to reflect on, and reinforce the safety message.

The cards have also been effective as a tool to start constructive, positive safety conversations with clients and vendors - both in Australia and internationally.

“The practicality and simplicity, and the thought-provoking questions on the cards are what appeal to me. In this day and age of information overload, it’s the simple safety solutions that are most powerful” (Managing Director)

“We have carried out safety talks at the start of toolbox talks and meetings for years. Sometimes the topics get a bit stale, repetitive or the team is just lost for words; especially on the very early mornings! Having the cards on hand generates great discussion and it’s interesting to hear the different responses from the team on the same card” (Supervisor)

Lessons Learnt

  • Make the cards available in prominent places to give them visibility. Carry your own pack and get your managers and supervisors to have them on their person.
  • Use the cards regularly, routinely and religiously - they won’t work if used as a short-term safety initiative.
  • Ask people to give specific, recent examples when they respond to the conversation prompts on the cards.

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