Drillers have a reputation for being no-nonsense problem solvers who speak their mind.  The lively discussion at the DCIIRP #10 Panel proved to be no exception to this rule.  Encouraged to dispense with the “You Can’t Ask That” convention, the panellists and attendees took to the discussion with great enthusiasm.  In so doing, they exhibited the behaviours that we want to see in this Industry. “Take Action. Be Credible. Speak Up”.  This lively, frank, open and honest discussion will help the Queensland Natural Gas Industry along its journey to achieving its Safer Together Vision “Together, develop a safer Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry in Queensland”.

Safer Together’s Rig Site Safety Working Group (RSSWG) conducted the 10th Drilling and Completions Industry Incident Review Panel (DCIIRP) on 9th August.  Representatives of companies from the Queensland CSG drilling and completions community gathered to hear presentations from Operators and Contractors about recent incidents and to share lessons learnt.  Several presentations were also focused on innovations that will improve safety in the Queensland drilling and completions sector.

The event was kindly hosted by Arrow Energy and Ensign.


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  Attendees heard presentations delivered by: AJ Lucas; MPC Group; Savanna; Ensign; Arrow Energy; Safer Together – Rig Site Safety Working Group.

Incident case studies presented on the day included: finger laceration; jib winch weld failure; high potential dropped object; flag pole contact with high voltage line.

Presentations on innovations included: fitness for work; psychosocial factors mental health survey and organisation review; RSSWG and the art of learning from incidents differently.

The event finished with a Panel session.  The theme of the Panel was “Are We Making It Real”?  Panellists were a cross-section of the RSSWG (i.e. Operators and Contractors, line management and HSE reps, old hands and newbies).  Inspired by the format of the ABC television show “you can’t ask that”, delegates were provided the opportunity to write questions for the Panel.  No subject was “off limits”.  Questions were then selected by the Panel Facilitator and put to the Panellists without notice.  The result was a very open and frank discussion about whether, or not, the RSSWG is working on the right things.  In return, panellists challenged delegates to adopt the things that the RSSWG is working on.  Feedback from delegates will be reviewed by the RSSWG, and shared with other Work Groups (especially feedback on the Industry Safety Induction).  This feedback will be of great assistance in developing 2018 Work Plans.

Ant Whittle, Arrow’s Business Improvement Manager and co-host for the day remarked “I loved how much we, as panel members, were challenged by the room. This was the most honest and open DCIIRP I have attended, which is great because that is just what we in the RSSWG needed. If you combine this with the lessons learnt from others in the presentations, then it talks to a very valuable day indeed. My only plea would be that to maintain this quality we need all companies to continue sharing their incident lessons through the RSSWG and this forum.”

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Safer Together Members can access the DCIIRP #10 presentations and summaries of event discussions and feedback here.

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