Your role in load security might be more complex than you think. In an effort to help de-mystify Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations the Land Transport Working Group at Safer Together has developed Load Safe – CoR. It was developed in response to an increase in load restraint failures across the industry and changes in Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Load Safe - CoR is a tool to provide guidance on load security and clarity of the part you play in the Chain of Responsibility.

There are several different uses for the Load Safe tool:

  • As pre-course study material prior to attending any of the accredited training relating tothe Chain of Responsibility courses.
  • As a refresher for anyone out of touch with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and National Transport Commission (NTC) guides.
  • As a slide deck to share in a toolbox discussion, or for anyone wanting to champion the importance of Load Security & Chain of Responsibility within their workforce.
  • As a reminder that if you exercise control or influence over any transport task, you are part of the supply chain and have a responsibility to ensure road transport laws are complied with.

“This tool can be used in workshops, in toolbox talks, in safety moments. There’s great video content in there and a heap of information to help people realise that they need a system in place to manage these risks and make them as low as reasonably practicable to have a good safe operation.”
Travis Kearsley, Logistics & Transportation Assurance Coordinator, Arrow Energy.

The Load Safe tool, together with an implementation guide and support materials are available here.

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