96 member companies and non-member stakeholders responded to our recent Chain of Responsibility (CoR) survey.  We learnt about areas of our Industry with a high level of awareness about CoR requirements.  We learnt about areas where the awareness is not so high.  We also learnt about the main influencer of behaviour when it comes to CoR requirements.

The Land Logistics Working Group (LLWG) has completed a survey of Safer Together member companies in relation to the level of awareness and knowledge about the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements of Federal and State Heavy Vehicle Regulators. The purpose of the survey was to assist in defining priority areas for targeting future CoR communications to be developed by the LLWG.

In total, 96 member companies and non-member stakeholders that were passed the survey responded.  About half of the respondents were in companies that provide logistics activities in the supply chain.  20% were supply base operators.  40% were oil and gas operators and their major contractors (rigs / EPC).

In summary, we learnt there is a high level of awareness and knowledge of CoR requirements amongst logistics providers.  However, there is some work to do in raising the awareness of those that order materials, and those that receive them.  These people need to be more aware of what their responsibilities are, and how to deliver them, to meet their 'duty of care'.  

70% of respondents told us that 'risk of prosecution' is the main influencer of behavior related to CoR requirements.

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