Building employee engagement and ownership of a safety improvement drive in any large company is never easy. If that isn’t difficult enough, try doing this at the same time as your organisation is in the process of integrating with another large company. Here’s the story of how Veolia deployed one of Safer Together’s initiatives to embrace  the challenge.

With nearly 220,000 employees worldwide, Veolia Group provides water, waste and energy management services to a wide range of industry sectors. Due to the nature of its business activities, one of the biggest safety issues for Veolia is hand safety. As a result, Veolia decided to prioritise a global focus for a Safety Reset on hand safety in 2022.

In June 2022, Veolia held a company conference on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland – the theme of which was “Together To Turn The Tide”, bringing together in one place more than 270 senior leaders and emerging leaders from around Australia.

After first being introduced to the Helping Hands – Hand and Finger Preservation Program at a Safer Together Industry Safety Forum in 2017, Veolia concluded that Helping Hands would be an ideal fit for their upcoming conference, not only as an engagement activity that could serve as a team-building exercise, but also as a means to bring to the forefront the Safety Reset on hand safety and embed the work that had been done to date by Veolia on this important topic.

Click here for a Case Study from Veolia that tells the story of what appealed to them about Helping Hands, how they went about deploying it, and what benefit their team got out of it. You’ll also find out Veolia’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of using Helping Hands.  

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