Everyone who travels to and from the operational areas in the CSG industry has a goal of minimising vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) as a means of reducing risk exposure.  The use of buses and people movers is a good way to combine trips and minimise VKT – reducing resources required, increasing cost-efficient use of these resources, and minimising risk.

However, in making use of vehicles of all sizes, it is important to ensure that the risks associated with the transport of passengers are managed effectively, and that liability for the carriage of passengers is covered to avoid nasty surprises.

In response to this identified need, the Safer Together Land Transport Working Group (LTWG) is developing some guidance on passenger transport to assist member companies in interpreting the regulations in this area that they presented at the ‘Lunch and Learn’ session.

In July in Brisbane, and Lunch and Learn Session: ‘Safe Transport of Passengers’ was held for approximately 50 participants in person and online.

Speakers at the event were Bruce Adams (MPC Kinetic) and Richard Jourdain (Arrow Energy) along with facilitation of the event by our regular hosts of our LTWG ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, Peter Runge (Origin Energy) and Adam Fitz-Henry (Qteq).

The project team presented highlights of the contents of the ‘Safe Transport of Passengers’ Guidance that is in development for publication later in 2022. 

There was a robust discussion in the Q&A session following the session, with multiple follow up questions from attendees, highlighting the relevance and timeliness of the topic and the need for a Guidance of this nature.

The purpose of this Guideline is to provide information for the management of risks associated with transporting multiple workers in a vehicle on public roads and where applicable, on-site. It intends to assist in minimising the impact of these risks to passengers, drivers, and other road users.

We anticipate publication of the Guidance later this year.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Bruce Adams (MPC Kinetic) who brings a vast wealth of experience of the transport sector to the LTWG and the Guidance, and Richard Jourdain (Arrow Energy) who contributed his project management skills, and his valuable industry insight and knowledge, ensuring the development of the Guideline has progressed smoothly.


Photo (from left to right): Adam Fitz-Henry (Qteq), Bruce Adams (MPC Kinetic), Richard Jourdain (Arrow Energy) and Peter Runge (Origin Energy)

Click here for a full recording of the event.