The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) invited Safer Together’s Land Transport Working Group (LTWG) to present during their January 2017 Utilities forum webinar. This invitation is the latest example of an important collaboration between these organisations to improve road safety.

At this webinar, Dave Pearce from Santos outlined how Safer Together has collaboratively developed Standards for Heavy and Light Vehicles and requirements for IVMS telematics.

LTWG Co-Champions David Baldwin (Origin Energy) and Brendan Ostwald (Ostwald Brothers) strongly supported LTWG participation in the webinar. Both agreed that it provided a great opportunity to share our achievements with other stakeholders to help them improve road safety and also promote Safer Together and its goals.

The NRSPP is comprised of more than 70 partner organisations, from government to insurance, community and utility groups. It offers a collaborative network to support Australian businesses in developing a positive road safety culture. It’s about saving lives without the red tape.

Jerome Carslake, NRSPP Manager commented, “from the outside looking in Safer Together has made life easier for contractors in how to be safer by all having the same approach and requirements, thus safety is improved along with efficiency.”

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