We are pleased to announce that Tim Dabrowski (Pro-Test Well Services) and David Videroni (Downer) will join the Qld SLG.  Welcome aboard gents!

We also bid farewell to the following long-standing members of the Qld and WA/NT SLG:

  • Steve Ciccone (Wood):  Steve has served on the Qld SLG since its inception and is the last of the  founding members.  Steve has served as Contactor Co-Chair; Board member; and Competence and Behaviour Working Group Contractor Co-Champion (twice).  Steve’s legacy will be that he was among those who came together with a vision for improving safety in our Industry.  It will also live on in the culture and ethos of the purposeful and values-led organisation that he helped create.  Go well Steve, you will be missed.
  • Tom Coolican (Jadestone Energy): Tom served as our Operator Co-Chair in WA/NT and was a steady hand on the tiller as we navigated our way through the challenges of 2020.  Thankyou Tom.
  • Michael Fulham (ASCO World).  Michael is a founding member of Safer Together in WA/NT and has served as the Contractor Co-Champion of the Land Logistics Working Group since its inception.
  • Pat Burke (Downer): has served on the SLG since early 2017 and as the Process Safety Working Group Contractor Co-Champion since late 2017.