The Queensland Resources Council, and the Queensland Commissioner for Resources Safety &  Health jointly held a Safety Workshop at the end of November, and Safer Together’s Forum Coordinator, Steve Williams was invited to give a presentation on Safer Together’s ‘Use of Lead Indicators at an Industry Level.’

The workshop was run as an initiative to promote health and safety in the Queensland Resources Industry. It provided industry with the opportunity to exchange information, network, and foster proactive health and safety management techniques.

This one-day event focused on leading practice approaches to health and safety across Queensland’s resources sector and featured an impressive line-up of expert presenters, followed by a workshop themed ‘Future Focus Areas and Practical Takeaways’.

Safer Together was delighted to be approached to share our learnings and insights regarding how we use Lead Indicators through the lens of a Safety Association working in the Queensland Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry. 

Steve, presenting on behalf of Safer Together Member Companies, began with a brief background and timeline regarding Safer Together - what we do, how we do it, and a point of difference we are very proud of – Safer Together is an organisation representing a collaboration between Operator Companies and Contractor Companies working together to create the leadership needed to build a strong and consistent safety culture across our industry.

He followed this with a brief outline of the development of the Safer Together Strategic Safety Plan 2021 - 2023, the Commitments arising from the Plan for our Member Companies, and how we use lagging and leading indicators to identify areas requiring improvement, to develop and implement initiatives across our industry to improve outcomes for all workers across our Industry, from the frontline to Industry leaders.

Steve rounded out the presentation with a look at the reporting mechanisms Safer Together Member Companies use to measure trends in lead indicators – and then use that data to identify areas that require further attention, and pinpoint areas in which Safer Together initiatives are directly contributing to improvement in safety outcomes.

The Queensland Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health said that “developing practical and usable lead indicators is integral to improving safety and health in the resources industry.”

It was an honour to be invited to share our history and learnings with our colleagues in the Queensland Mining Industry – Safer Together would especially like to thank the Queensland Resources Council and the Queensland Commissioner for Resources Safety & Health for the opportunity to present at the workshop.

We are Stronger and Safer Together.

Click here to see Safer Together’s Strategic Safety Plan 2021-2023, including KPIs and Targets.