In May 2021, Austroads commenced the ‘Guide to Road Safety Update – Practical Approaches for Managing Regional Road Safety Priorities’ Project (SAG6291).  Representatives from Santos in the QLD Land Transport Working Group, David Pearce (Team Leader – Fleet, Operations Support) and Michael de Jager (Senior Advisor Land Transport, EHS & Governance), have been engaged to represent the interests of the broader gas and oil industry via Safer Together during the stakeholder engagement phase of the Project.

Austroads is the collective of the Australian and New Zealand transport agencies, representing all levels of government. Austroads work impacts a wide range of agencies including planning, service, infrastructure, health and safety, public health and policing.

The purpose of the Project is to identify and develop frameworks for the implementation and monitoring of specific priority interventions across the 4 Safe System pillars (Safe People, Safe Vehicles, Safe Roads and Safe Speed) which when applied, will materially reduce fatalities and serious injuries on regional and remote roads across Australia. 

The aim is to deliver a prioritised list of rural and remote road safety interventions to reduce Fatal and Serious Injury (FSI) crashes in these areas, and to develop a framework upon which rural and remote safety interventions, when deployed, can be evaluated for their effectiveness.

Findings from the Project will periodically be reported to Safer Together’s Land Transport Working Group as it progresses, with the Project forecast for completion by mid-2023.

Safer Together would like to take a moment to convey our gratitude to both David and Michael for their willingness to donate their valuable time, effort, and energy for this valuable nation-wide Project.

In particular, we would like to recognise the depth of knowledge and experience in road safety David brings to the Project. His years of experience working in this arena mean he is perfectly placed to present broader gas and oil industry views, experiences and learnings,  whilst representing an Industry with a history of significant investment in road safety improvement.  David has been an important and highly-respected contributing member of Safer Together’s QLD Land Transport Working Group over the past 7 years.

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