Safer Together members operate within a common geographical area in Queensland, which involves many overlaps with communities and regulators.  We use similar technologies with common hazards and risks.  As a result, collaboration on safety is a natural outcome. For the best outcomes we must be prepared to share what we have and learn from others.

Safer Together is proud to announce that it has now a formalised collaboration agreement with the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP). NRSPP offers a collaborative network for Australian organisations to build and implement effective road safety strategies in the workplace. The program offers organisations the resources to improve road safety that best fit their individual operations and, at the same time, improve business productivity through less time and money lost through safety incidents. We are proud to work with NRSPP towards improving safety in our industry.


Safer Together and NRSPP’s collaboration activities include:

  • Safer Together is an NRSPP Program Partner.
  • Safer Together members invited to NRSPP webinars.
  • NRSPP delegates invited to Safer Together Land Transport Incident Review Panel events.
  • Safer Together members involved in NRSPP Steering Committee and Utilities Forum – link via Safer Together Land Transport Working Group.

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For more information about NRSPP click here.

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