One of the key risks that presents the most significant consequences to operators on the back decks of offshore vessels is ‘green water’ entering the deck that can cause deck cargo to move, wash vessel crew off their feet, and potentially cause fatal injuries. The Marine Working Group has developed an Offshore Vessel Deck Water Management Specification on the management of this risk through the use of vessel selection and additional technology that can be used on the vessel stern to manage water flow when it cannot be fully excluded. Have a look to learn more.

The Specification includes criteria for the construction of bespoke construction of bespoke flexible 'wavebreakers' that can be used on vessel sterns, developed as a result of collaboration between Western Australian vessel operators, oil and gas companies, and research scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). 

The Specification has been endorsed by the Safety Leaders Group and is now available on the Safer Together website, along with supporting information to assist companies with implementation. The Specification applies to all companies involved in offshore vessel activities that support the WA/NT Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry.

Where this Specification is adopted by individual companies by incorporating the Requirements into their Safety Control Framework and passing them onto their supply chains via contract terms and conditions, it aims to supersede existing company requirements for the purpose of industry-harmonised standardisation.

Learn more about the Offshore Vessel Deck Water Management Specification here.

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