Safer Together has released the latest in a series of short, animated video clips for companies to use in educating their workforce about process safety hazards and emphasise everyone’s role in keeping hazardous materials contained. Available free of charge for anyone to use, this latest 3 minute video focusses on the importance of plant and equipment maintenance – click here to watch the video.

One of the challenges in managing process safety is that it can be perceived by many as dealing with  technical issues that can be quite complicated to explain. A team of motivated individuals from Safer  Together’s Queensland Process Safety Working Group wanted to show that it doesn’t need to be this way. They realised that by using some smart communication skills, these technical issues could be reduced to some simple fundamentals that could be easily understood by anyone. So the team decided to get creative, be bold and try something different. By creating a series of short, sharp, animated videos that were visually and audibly interesting, they hoped to captivate people enough for them to want to know more and enable work teams to start, or enhance, process safety conversations.

“Because it’s us – the maintainers, the contractors, the “subbies” who keep our facilities fit for operation, who maintain it the safest way” is the overarching message of this latest video, which is the 2nd video released in this series. It focusses on those involved in maintenance, modification, repair, inspection, start-up, shutdown and turnaround activities and the role these people play in managing process safety, with an overlay reinforcing a number of The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Process Safety Fundamentals. As many of those employed in these types of activities also service other industries including Mining, Minerals Processing, Energy and Water Utilities, the purpose of the video is to increase their knowledge and understanding of how their behaviours and actions can assure process safety.

The Maintain It video is accompanied by a Launch Pack that has been developed to help member companies introduce and roll out the video within their company. The Launch Pack includes the following support materials:

  • Implementation Guide
  • Toolbox
  • Poster Series (comprised of 10 individual posters)
  • Video Script.

Safer Together was recently awarded “Highly Commended” as one of the finalists in the prestigious Institution of Chemical Engineers Global Process Safety Award for the first video released in this series of videos - “We All Have a Part to Play”.  Watch the clip below to find out more about the Process Safety Awareness Video series.

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