Currently, movements of heavy vehicles throughout Queensland are subject to special legislative requirements related to load, fatigue and maintenance management, record keeping and other matters. However, limited standardised information exists for companies and contractors on Heavy Vehicle Specifications and safe use.

Today, Safer Together's Land Transport Working Group launched a new revision of the Heavy Vehicle Specification.

The revised Heavy Vehicle Specification provides clear, simple and consistent direction to the industry on expected heavy vehicle requirements. In particular, the Specification stipulates risk based requirements for Heavy Vehicles, as well as requirements for Heavy Vehicle driver competency and transportation of non-dangerous liquid loads.

To assist companies adopting the revised Heavy Vehicle Specification, a Launch Pack has been prepared to support your organisation in delivering information on the new Heavy Vehicle Specification to personnel and contractors.

To learn more about the Heavy Vehicle Specification click here.

To access materials for the rollout of the Heavy Vehicle Specification click here.

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