We would like to welcome a new Member Company to Safer Together, and we have some changes in our Senior Leaders Groups Queensland and Western Australia/Northern Territory.

We would like to welcome C.D. Dodd as our newest Safer Together Member Company.

We would like to thank the following Queensland Senior Leaders Group Members for their contribution to safety in our industry, farewell them from the Group, and wish them well into the future:

  • Simon Mewing (WestSide)
  • David Videroni (Downer)

In Western Australia/Northern Territory, we would like to welcome Adam Gilbert (APA Group), Asher Ryall (Programmed), and Brayden Crain (Contract Resources) have all been appointed to the Senior Leaders Group.

  • Sander Stegenga (Shell Australia) has been appointed as Aviation Working Group Operator Co-Champion (& continue as Health Working Group Operator Co-Champion)
  • Adam Nicholas (Woodside) has been appointed to Health Safety Environment Adviser Group
  • Tom Coolican (Upstream Production Solutions) has stepped down from the Senior Leaders Group and as Rig Site Safety Working Group and Land Logistics Working Group Contractor Co-Champion
  • Liam Smith (APA Group) has stepped down from Senior Leaders Group and as Competence and Behaviour Working Group Operator Co-Champion, and 
  • James Hopping (Downer) has stepped down from the Senior Leaders Group.