We extend a warm welcome to 1 new member company that joined our community of safety leaders in August 2021.

Thomas Nador (Beach Energy), Salvatore Darsena (Eni) and Tim Meehan (Santos) have joined the WA/NT Safety Leaders Group (SLG).  Welcome aboard!

Steve Ovenden (Santos) and Ian Grant (Beach Energy) have stepped down from the WA/NT SLG. 

We’d like to particularly acknowledge Ian’s contribution as a founding member of Safer Together WA/NT.  In 2017, he was a guest at a Qld SLG meeting in Gladstone.  Following this visit, Quadrant Energy joined Woodside in becoming an Associate Member of Safer Together in Qld.  This was the beginning of the pathway that led to the creation of Safer Together WA/NT.  And the rest, as they say, is history.   

Ian has served as a member of the WA/NT SLG since its inception in March 2018.  He has also served as the Operator Co-Champion of the Competence and Behaviour Working Group (CBWG) for this period.  Go well Ian, you will be missed.