On 23rd September the Marine Working Group (MWG) hosted the MarineSafe Forum and Incident Review Panel for 2021 at Dexus Place in Perth. The focus topic of the event was dynamic positioning (DP) on board logistics vessels.

The event included updates from the MWG project teams on recent initiatives.  Dylan Moore from Go Offshore provided an update on the publication of the Offshore Vessel Deck Water Management Specification and Michael Desa from Chevron summarised recent developments in the Lifeboats and Fast Rescue Craft Project.

Following the team updates, the focus then shifted to a review of the findings from a dynamic positioning system incident that resulted in a platform support vessel making contact with an offshore rig during a planned manoeuvre, which was presented by a panel of parties involved in the investigation. While there were no injuries in this incident, damage to both the vessel and rig was significant and damage to several critical systems was narrowly avoided. Significant learning has resulted from this incident in relation to the changing of DP modes during operations and conflicts that can occur.

Following the review of this incident, Imran Rashid from Kongsberg presented material on DP positioning reference systems that are available, along with their strengths and limitations.

Next, a presentation by Mani Bajwa from Jetwave on the various means by which they carry out personnel transfers offshore was provided to highlight the risks that are present in this activity and the way in which these risks are managed. Then Andy Rogers from the Perth Simulation Centre provided a presentation on the current status of international DP training that is available in Perth.

Aaron Barbetti from Siem then reminded everyone about the wealth of materials available to all members through the Safer Together website and the processes by which they can share safety information with other members, and finally Anna Schwartz from Solstad wrapped up the event.

The presentation materials from the event will be available for publication soon for Safer Together members to access.

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