All hands were on deck at August’s 'global' Marine Incident Review Panel & Forum in Perth focused on Dynamic Positioning Competency.

The Marine Incident Review Panel & Forum on 2 August focused on requirements for retaining Dynamic Positioning (DP) Competency. This theme has featured prominently in the feedback from guests attending past Forums, and so the Marine Working Group’s DP subgroup took this opportunity to bring together speakers from various international and Australian organisations to present on this important topic.

Dylan Moore (HSEQ Manager, GO Offshore) mc’ed the event. After a welcome and introduction by Mark Pointon (Marine Superintendent, Offshore Vessel Marine Assurance, Santos), project leader of the DP subgroup, Harbinder Mann (Marine Manager Deputy DPA/CSO, MMA Offshore) presented a timely safety moment on the importance of following the ASOG (Activity Specific Operating Guidelines).

Attending guests had an opportunity to listen to a comprehensive review of 2022 IMCA Dynamic Positioning events from Richard Purser (Technical Adviser – Marine), followed by Captain John Lloyd (Chief Executive, The Nautical Institute) with his presentation ‘Developing CPD Requirements for DPOs’.

A short break was followed by three presentations on current pathways to retaining DP Operator currency:

  • ‘Dynamic Positioning CPD – the new requirements and Keelson’s solutions’ - Kate Gillespie (Senior Consultant, Keelson Marine Assurance). 
  • ‘Nautical Institute approved DP Refresher and VOC course’ - Andrew Rogers (NI Accredited DP Instructor, Perth Simulation Centre), and
  • ‘IMCA Key DP Personnel CPD Application’ - Graeme Reid (Technical Adviser – Marine)

A robust panel discussion followed, with plenty of time for panellists to address delegates questions and concerns they have around revalidating of DP Competency.

The Forum concluded with presentation from Evgenia Rodina (Safer Together) who spoke about the results of a survey focusing on industry incident sharing conducted at the previous Marine Incident Review Panel & Forum in April, and an update on Safer Together’s most accessed Major Sharing initiative, Learning Event Bulletins (LEB). 

The above smiling group of presenters, Harbinder Mann (MMA Offshore Limited), Evgenia Rodina (Safer Together), Mark Pointon (Santos Ltd), Dylan Moore (GO OFFSHORE) and Andy Rogers (Perth Simulation Centre) were joined by international presenters Richard Purser (IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association)), Captain John Lloyd (The Nautical Institute), Kate Gillespie  (Keelson Marine Assurance), and Graeme Reid (IMCA) all presenting in support of this deep dive into updated requirements for DP Competency.

Thank you to our sponsors, GO OFFSHORE and Santos for their generous contribution to the success of this event.

A full recording of this event is available for Member Companies.

For further information, or if you would like to join the Marine Working Group:  [email protected].

We are Stronger and Safer Together.