The second Marine Incident Review Panel and Forum featured a review of a significant grounding incident, followed by a presentation by Michelle Grech of the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) on their incident reporting process and requirements. The day ended with a workshop on implementation of the Safe Deck Operations Guidance that was recently published by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).

A key takeaway from the incident review, based on feedback from multiple participants, was the need to do system failure exercises. The workshop on the OCIMF guidance generated a robust discussion and hightlighted to participants to the issues that cross the boundaries of responsibility between operations, drilling, land logistics and vessel masters that can present threats to those on the vessel decks. The session highlighted the need to further examine with the various functional teams the question of "why" and "how" activities in one area of responsibility can affect those in other areas. The Safe Deck Operations project team will be pursuing answers to these questions as the year progresses.

Thanks goes to Woodside for the use of their brand new venue (which is spectacular), to the presenters from the companies and the regulator for their involvement, and to MMA Offshore for hosting the networking session after the forum. Initial participant feedback indicated that the event was a great success.

Learn more about the Marine Incident Review and Forum initiative here. Materials from the event are available here