Our Qld. Land Transport Working Group gathered in November for their final event of 2023 - an Incident Review Panel: ‘Learning from Recent Land Transport Events’.  With 20 delegates in the room, and another 22 attending virtually; 25 member companies demonstrated their commitment to the good work being done by this Working Group.

Following a warm welcome from Peter Runge (Logistics Manager, Origin) opening with: It’s positive to see everyone here to build social connections through collaboration, learning from peers how to drive and maintain safety culture, obtain insights and initiatives that create a healthy workplace, all for the benefit of Zero Harm to our employees.  

 “The term ‘Social Connection’ is the philosophy of Safer Together… Why is it important?

“Well, it gives people information, psychological support, and tangible assistance that help them cope with events or situations, and expand their options.”, the event was then underway with two very powerful incident shares from Working Group members:

  • A comprehensive deep dive into a heavy vehicle rollover incident.  The share included a thorough look into the incident response and factors contributing to the accident – followed by the lessons learned and Corrective Action Plan developed resulting from the incident findings.
  • A semi water truck rollover – following a detailed investigation into the causes of the incident, the corrective action recommendations included toolbox talks, additional training, reviewing speed sign placement, management review, and wide distribution of the report’s findings.

The final presentation for the afternoon was introduced by David Glibbery (Coho Resources) and presented by Craig Vandenborn (EliteDriver) ‘Driver Training Simulator’.  Elite Driver is a driver training company focused on providing a unique, comprehensive, and effective driver training solution to the Australian Oil and Gas industry.  Their simulator will offer drivers with low behaviour and/or competency scores the ability to train and upskill, focussing on key areas including:

  • Fluid transport and slosh awareness,
  • Rollover awareness and training,
  • Hill ascents / descents,
  • Water crossings,
  • Dropped trailers.

Peter returned to close out the event, with a look forward to 2024 for the Land Transport Working Group, and a hearty close, Safety means different things to different people, as a person’s understanding of safety is informed by a wide range of factors such as race, social class, sexual orientation, residential status, and other personal experiences. So, as Safety Leaders, do we need to think about safety differently?

“As Safety Leaders, I would invite you to reflect on the 5 Leadership Principles for leading a workplace that promotes safety, which are:

  1. commit to safety – be a safety Leader!
  2. get involved.
  3. encourage participation – share what you’ve learned today!
  4. make HSE part of your business – Make it your number one priority!
  5. review your performance – Like the model we’re running here today. share your learnings.

“So, my departing challenge for you today is:

  • Are you helping people understand the Land Transport risk of injury and illness through our community, such as Safer Together, and how are you doing that?
  • Do you believe Land Transport risk can be managed to prevent repeat incidents?”

A worthy reminder about the role safety plays in our everyday tasks; leaving delegates with something to consider about the work being done by our Land Transport Working Group.

Member companies can access a full recording of the event here.

For information on future Land Transport Incident Review Panels, or if you are interested in joining the Land Transport Working Group, email:  [email protected].