Growing a successful small business can be tricky to manage – hiring the right people…maintaining company culture…building new work teams…more reliance on systems and processes – these are just a few of the challenges involved.  But being part of Safer Together can help – just ask new member company JPS Management & Execution (JPS) and they’d be happy to tell you how.

Established in 2018, JPS is a young organisation comprised of a small team of experienced, high-performing individuals with more than 300 years of combined oil and gas industry experience. 

As a small company with an increasingly high demand for its services, JPS is time-poor and has limited resources. Unlike large organisations, there is no in-house HSE Department that they can call on for safety expertise, or to find out what the latest thinking is on safety management, or to build safety tools from scratch.

As a small contractor who specialises in integrating their people into client teams on the client’s facilities, JPS doesn’t always have direct control of the safety performance and standards that their team members are exposed to. This vulnerability left the JPS leaders looking for a better way to engage their workforce about safety and ultimately keep them safe at work.  

In June 2022, the leadership team at JPS decided that submitting an application to join Safer Together would be a smart move, not least because Workforce Engagement is at the heart of what Safer Together is all about.

Click for a Case Study from JPS that tells the story of why they decided to get engaged in Safer Together, how they started their engagement journey and what benefit they’ve got out of it. You’ll also find out JPS’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of a Safer Together Onboarding Session.  

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