Safer Together has published an Information Sheet to guide response to bushfires in state forests and reduce the impact on industry infrastructure, operations, personnel safety and the environment.

Some Coal Seam Gas (CSG) infrastructure has been installed in Queensland State Forests for the purpose of gas gathering.  Response to bushfire in State Forests is a government agency responsibility.  The CSG Industry is working with State Government first response agencies to improve understanding of how to respond to bushfires in proximity to CSG infrastructure.

The Information Sheet has been developed as a result of this collaboration.  It has now been made publicly available by Safer Together.

Key points outlined in the Info Sheet include:

  1. Be safe. If fire is threatening property or lives, contact emergency services immediately by calling 000.
  2. Do not attempt to protect CSG infrastructure from an approaching fire unless safe to do so.
  3. Report all fires burning near gas infrastructure to the gas company.
  4. Notify the relevant gas company before undertaking any fire-related activity around surface infrastructure.