Following recent publication of the latest version of the Safer Together Heavy Vehicle Specification (Revision 3), Stonestreets Coaches have developed an effectively clever and simple way of integrating the Specification into the day-to-day implementation of their management system.

Stonestreets have developed and adopted a simple sticker which has been incorporated into the company’s existing vehicle inspection and maintenance process. A sticker is applied to each of the buses within the Stonestreets fleet that have undergone an inspection by the company’s vehicle maintenance team against the requirements of the Safer Together Heavy Vehicle Specification and subsequently confirmed as being “good to go”.

No additional change was required to add these stickers to the normal workshop maintenance assurance process used by Stonestreets. Not only does the sticker advertise that the vehicle meets the requirements of the Heavy Vehicle Specification, it also has the added benefit of raising awareness of employees and customers that Stonestreets Coaches is a proud member of Safer Together.

This is a great example of how one member company is demonstrating its commitment to participating in industry-wide programs aimed at improving safety throughout our industry.

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