Thank you to the 1,118 people from at least 16 companies who participated in the 2016 Process Safety Survey. The results are in and we’d like to share them with you.

Developed by the Process Safety Working Group, the on-line survey was issued to member companies in May 2016 with the aim of establishing a baseline of “where we are currently at” in terms of process safety awareness across our industry in Queensland.

A one-page summary of the results and conclusions from the survey is now available – click here. In addition, a supporting toolbox package has been developed for all member companies to simply pick up and use.


The summary provides valuable information by identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement, as well as identifying actions for individuals in all member companies and actions for Safer Together.

Senior leaders of each member company are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Download the summary and share it with their employees – particularly those people who took the time to participate in the survey;
  2. Use the summary as the basis for a face-to-face toolbox talk that is cascaded through to all levels of the company. Consider also posting it on noticeboards and publishing it in the company’s internal newsletter;
  3. Reflect on whether the outcomes of the survey match what they would expect as the outcomes from within their own company; and
  4. Use the summary to help inform development of a process safety improvement plan for their company.

So where to from here? The survey report will be published next month and made available to member companies. In addition, and most importantly, the Process Safety Working Group’s work programme for 2017 will be guided by the survey findings – the Group’s action plan will link directly to what member companies told us in the survey.

The survey will be repeated next year. To maximise its value, we urge all member companies to participate. We also hope to see a greater proportion of responses next time from people who work in an operating environment. The more people that participate, the more useful the survey will be in providing valuable insights across the whole of our industry.

For more information about the survey click here.

Contact: [email protected]