In October we held a Member Engagement Evening at Toowoomba’s Spotted Cow Pub. Generously hosted by Carter Dumont (CEO, Condor Energy Services Limited), we wanted to have a chat with member company representatives about what Safer Together initiatives are working well for them, what areas need improvement, and to find out how we can have better conversations with our members and workers at the frontline.

With a great turn out from member companies with operations in the region, including Monadelphous, Shell, Obadare Group, Pro-Test Well Services, FKG Group, BeneTerra and Condor Energy Services Limited, the evening was a success in more ways than one. 

The evening started off casually with folk grabbing a drink and mingling.  Carter was an excellent host as he gathered everyone for a group chat and a round of introductions - not only did people talk about their own organisations and backgrounds, but discussed how they interact with Safer Together, and what tools they were using in their companies.

Feedback from the evening included universal praise for Assist and Assure, and a general feeling that the Industry Safety Induction is due a review and refresh (something currently in progress!).  Everyone was collectively supportive of Safer Together getting out into the field more and learning from the frontline.

The evening was so well received in Toowoomba, that the Engage and Embed team is in the process of planning more informal Safer Together get-together evenings into 2024, so watch this space!

If you are interested in hosting an informal Safer Together engagement event in your region in 2024, contact us:  [email protected].

A reminder again (if we needed one) that we are Stronger and Safer Together.