This week Safer Together issued a customised summary report to each and every one of our 206 member companies.  It’s a Company-specific report that highlights the range of engagement touchpoints with Safer Together that were available in 2021 and the extent to which each Company took advantage of these opportunities.

Member engagement is what creates the momentum to build and maintain a strong Safer Together community of safety leaders. The more engaged your Company is, the more value you will get out of your membership.

The member engagement reports were issued to the Senior Line Leader, HSE Focal Point and Operations/Communications Focal Point of every member company.

The report contains information on Company key contacts, Company onboarding session details, Company Working Group members and how many Safer Together Events representatives from the Company attended.

The Report will help each member Company quickly identify how they can become more engaged with Safer Together.

We also asked each member company for feedback on which Safer Together Standardisation, Major Sharing and Sharing Initiatives they had adopted and implemented, and which of those adopted they had found to be most effective. The responses will help us identify how we can improve the quality of service we provide to our members.

After we’ve analysed and collated the responses, we’ll issue a summary of the feedback received to each member company so that they too can see how Safer Together is tracking.

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