At the end of last year Safer Together prepared a customised report for each and every member company to inform them about the extent to which their company was engaged with Safer Together in 2020, and to encourage them to become more actively involved. It seems to have worked because we’ve had a lot of responses!

The member engagement reports were issued to the Senior Line Leader, HSE Focal Point and Operations/Communications Focal Point of every member company. Since the reports were issued, Safer Together has received:

  • 94 new subscribers to our monthly news bulletin
  • 78 new registrations with our website
  • 73 new followers on LinkedIn
  • 20 requests to update member focal point contact details.

Did you know?

  • 11,555 people are subscribers to the Safer Together monthly news bulletin.
  • 4,432 people are registered users of the Safer Together website.
  • 95% of Safer Together members have at least one person in their company who is a registered user of the Safer Together website.

Member engagement is what creates the momentum to build and maintain the Safer Together community of safety leaders. The more engaged you are as a member company, the more value you will get out of your membership.

We’re now following up with member companies to encourage them to:

1. Book a Safer Together onboarding session – these sessions help companies to maximise the value of their membership; and

2. Get more actively involved in and engaged with Safer Together. A simple thing that senior line leaders of each member company can do to fast-track progressing this is to encourage all their staff to:

  • Register with the Safer Together website. Click here for a “How To Register” guide. Subscribe to the Safer Together monthly News Bulletin. Scroll down to the bottom of this web page and complete the entry fields to activate your subscription.
  • Follow Safer Together on LinkedIn. Click on the LinkedIn icon at the top left of this web page.

Have you done this yet in your company?  If not, don’t delay - start now!

Contact: [email protected].