On the 16th of June, the Drilling and Completions Industry community came together for a livestream event sponsored by Origin Energy, Ventia and Easternwell to reflect on how the impact of COVID-19 has both challenged and improved businesses overall, and life generally for staff.

The event was seamlessly hosted by Ben Corbett, General Manager - Drilling and Completions, Origin Energy. Ben was like a seasoned morning news presenter as he smoothly managed the live crosses to each speaker and ensured the questions from delegates were responded to…perhaps even outdoing his performance as host in 2020!

The event was broadcast live and commenced with 3 incident presentations on:

  1. a heavy weight drill pipe coming free from Elevators;
  2. a Frac tank leg sinking into a pipeline trench; and
  3. a back-pressure valve (BPV) and cement plug ejection from a well.

All 3 presentations contained significant learning with the most profound comment being a reflection from a crew member at site: “The feeling of knowing I came close to not seeing my family again really gets you thinking.”

The keynote presentation was delivered by Sue Bartlem - Occupational Health Nurse, Arrow Energy and Norm Neligan - Principal Health, Emergency and Security, Arrow Energy. They shared their thoughts and experiences from the COVID-19 initial responses and ongoing requirements. Sue reminded us to keep showing care and respect to all frontline health workers “Let’s look after them as they look after all of us.”

Roslyn Horrobin - Contract Superintendent, Easternwell Camp Management then shared what life has been like from a camp perspective through COVID-19, and the magnificent team effort required to keep workers and camp staff safe.

The final presentation was from Jamie Wilson - Managing Director, Enterprise Risk Management Solutions, who briefed delegates about the development process success of the Wellsite Digital System, which has improved safety and efficiency at site.

To round out the event, Kyle Koziol - General Manager, Easternwell reflected on the key learning points and thanked all speakers and delegates for their attendance.

Safer Together Members can access free of charge a full recording of the webinar here.

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