Today we celebrate Damon Clarke (Drilling Engineering SME, Woodside), a 2023 Best and Fairest Award winner for his contribution to our WA/NT Rig Site Safety Working Group (RSSWG).

Damon has worked tirelessly to keep the WA/NT Group's single project moving. When the original concept proved non-viable Damon led the change of direction to "Safety Case Best Practice Sharing Portal ''.  He has invited several organisations to share best practice at RSSWG meetings, and sought permission for their work to be included in the website launch.  

In short - Damon has been THE driving force behind WA/NT RSSWG project development in 2023.

Q.  Congratulations on being awarded a Best and Fairest Award for 2023!  Describe your feelings about being recognised for your efforts. 

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the RSSWG through 2023 and into 2024.  I'm humbled and appreciative of the recognition.

Q.  In your professional opinion, what Safer Together Product, Program or Initiative deserves more attention from industry, and why?  

When I think about what Safer Together can bring to industry, the best outcomes for any complex task or project will always be a result of collaboration amongst diverse minds, and the ability to think outside the box in a team environment contributing to a common solution. 

For the area of safety on drilling rigs, the collaboration of these minds (titleholders, operators and contractors) via forums such as Safer Together has absolutely huge potential. 

We need to tap into that potential to make material improvements as an industry.

Q.  What would you say to someone who was considering entering our industry?  

It's an industry that always has interesting and engaging challenges to work through, and the rewards are always there from a personal perspective.

The transition to low carbon (and more general scrutiny) in a sense make it an even more interesting, challenging & fulfilling area to work. 

It's inspiring to be around clever, intelligent, and motivated people everyday, and I think oil and gas has always had that.

Q.  What would be your elevator pitch to someone thinking about joining a Safer Together Working Group?  

I’d be advocating that the industry is constantly changing - and there are always untapped potential gains to be made in terms of safety performance.

Working in a group, and injecting your views and ideas is a great way to tap into those possible gains.

Q.  Do you have anything else you would like to add?  

Thankyou for the nomination and wishing everyone a safe and productive 2024.