Today we celebrate Peter Runge (Integrated Gas Asset Services – Logistics Manager, Origin Energy), a 2023 Best and Fairest Award winner for his contribution to our Land Transport Working Group.

Peter, a long-standing founding member of the Land Transport Working Group (LTWG), receives this award for his incredible effort and commitment over the past 8 years leading the growth of LTWG events.

Q.  Congratulations on being awarded a Best and Fairest Award for 2023!  Describe your feelings about being recognised for your efforts.

Firstly, there's a sense of pride in being acknowledged as a Safety Leader amongst a group of peers that all strive for excellence within the land transport sector.

This award signifies 10 years of commitment to Safer Together, which is not only personal achievement, but also a commitment to the overarching mission of creating a safer environment for transportation.

This recognition from peers and colleagues adds a layer of validation to the hard work and effort invested in promoting safety measures - moreover, this award fosters a sense of camaraderie within the Land Transport Working Group. It reinforces the idea that safety is a collective responsibility, and that each member's contributions play a vital role in achieving the group's objectives.

The award serves as a reminder of the positive impact that collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to safety can have on the overall effectiveness of the Working Group.

Q.  In your professional opinion, what Safer Together Product, Program or Initiative deserves more attention from industry, and why?

The environment is evolving and maturing as the gas fields transitioned from Project to Operational phase.

Land Transport residual risk continues to remain “High”, and our industry people normalise driving risks while our road fatality statistics continue to increase.  People should consider driving and part of the job, not the means to get to the job. 

Safer Together implement vehicle specifications and IVMS standards as risk controls, but 2024 will deliver a higher standard as technology advancements support better risk controls, so our people and organisations need to embrace change- as its continuing for all the right reasons.

Q:  What would you say to someone who was considering entering our industry?

When operating as a logistics organisation or specialist in the oil and gas industry, the first positive identification you will observe is the safety standards.  Safety is taken seriously, and people truly have the right and support to stop the job when something is unsafe.  

Q.  What would be your elevator pitch to someone thinking about joining a Safer Together Working Group?

Joining a Safer Together Working Group is your opportunity to actively contribute to the promotion of safety excellence in our industry. By collaborating with like-minded professionals, you'll be part of a community dedicated to sharing best practices, identifying, and mitigating risks, and fostering a culture of safety. Together, we can drive innovation, enhance industry standards, and ensure the well-being of our workforce.