On 17 March, Safer Together’s Land Transport Working Group (LTWG) conducted a Bow-tie Workshop within the framework of the Light Vehicle Driver Training project.  16 safety leaders representing 10 member companies participated in the workshop.

The primary objective of this workshop was to prepare a ‘bow-tie’ diagram that captures the factors that contribute
to loss of control of light vehicles in the industry.  The diagram also captures the potential consequences of light vehicle incidents and the ways to manage them.

To achieve this objective, the workshop participants reviewed learnings from the incidents within the industry.  The workshop was also informed by bow-tie diagrams used by some Safer Together member companies.

David Pearce, Santos Health and Safety Adviser and the project co-lead, highlighted the significance of this project: We have committed to delivery of an aligned CSG industry light vehicle driver training framework that is both scalable across an organisation and addresses identified issues with driver performance. It is apparent the overwhelming majority of contributing factors to incidents are at the control of the driver of the vehicle.  ‘Driving to conditions’ requires a heightened focus on hazard perception and awareness.  Tailored training will better inform and assess drivers in our industry on ‘driving to conditions”.

The Project Team will now focus on:

  • Finalising the bow-tie diagram.
  • Using the bow-tie diagram to develop the syllabus for Light Vehicle Driver Training. This training is intended to be an Industry-specific alternative to, and not a replacement for, Nationally Accredited Courses currently available for light vehicle drivers.

Find out more about the Light Vehicle Driver Training here.

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