Collaboration Partners - Queensland Women of Wells (QWoW)

Queensland Women of Wells (QWoW) is a professional network for women in the Drilling & Completions industry, connecting women from Brisbane to the Beetaloo.

Their vision is to ensure all women in our industry thrive in their career and participate and contribute fully to the future of the energy sector.  

QWoW does this by creating a safe space for women in Drilling & Completions to build their career confidence, to lift their professional profile, and to be more visible and engage fully in their careers and in the industry.

QWoW is committed to finding opportunities for women to come together to strengthen their social and professional networks…and to have a little bit of fun along the way!

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Collaboration Activities

  • QWoW representatives serve on our Qld Rig Site Safety Working Group
  • QWoW members regularly address our Drilling & Completions Industry Incident Review Panels
  • Safer Together Support Team attend QWoW events

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