2022 Member Feedback

Is Safer Together meeting the needs of our Members?  Here is the data from our 2022 Member Feedback Survey.

In January 2023 we asked the Senior Line Leader(s) of each of our Member Companies for feedback to gauge whether we are meeting the needs of our Members.

We received responses from 84 companies (41% of our membership).


Overview Summary.png

Value for Members

We also asked Members to let us know if they were getting value from their membership, by rating this on a score from 1 (no value) to 10 (extremely valuable).

View what Members told us here


Deployment Snapshots

We asked each Member Company to tell us:

  1. Which Safer Together Initiatives they had adopted and implemented; and
  2. Which of those Safer Together Initiatives they had adopted were the most effective.

Deployment snapshot details on each of our Initiatives, based on feedback received:

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