FTW Medical Assessment Guideline - Organisation

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The organisation is the company wanting to adopt and implement the medical assessment guideline.

There are six steps to effective implementation in an organisation:

  1. Access and Identify the workers or workgroups in your Company that the Fitness to Work medical will apply to
  2. Review HR, IR and other contractual documents to ensure that a Fitness to Work medical regime can be implemented. In particular check: a) employment contracts: new and existing; b) contract terms & conditions; c) procedures
  3. Identify how the Fitness to Work medicals will be undertaken and what health practitioners will be used
  4.  Develop procedures needed to handle information and records generated, and how to deal with instances of workers not fully fit or refusing to participate
  5. Communicate with management, workers, contractors, and Health Practitioners
  6. Monitor the implementation of the program

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