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Individuals participating in a Safer Together Fitness to Work medical on behalf of their employer will want to know more about it:

  1. As a candidate, you are being asked to undertake a Fitness to Work medical assessment because knowing about your health is important, especially if you work in remote locations away from sophisticated emergency medical response. Knowing about your health is not only important for you (so you can manage it) but also for your employer so they can ensure you are fit for your work duties.
  2. Fitness to Work medicals are undertaken by a qualified Health Practitioner using the Safer Together Medical Assessment guideline. The medical covers a number of areas including your family history plus a medical examination covering things like cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure which are all health indicators. It also covers mental wellbeing.
  3. It takes about an hour and is conducted in a clinic or doctors rooms either booked by you, or more likely, your company who will send you to a particular health practitioner to undertake the medical. The outcome of your fitness to work medical is a “Fit Slip” that both you and your employer will receive.
  4. It will be your company that makes the final decision on your fitness to work, based on the summary result of your medical, and that includes any restrictions that may apply if required. All medical records are handled confidentially, as required, by the Medical Practitioner. Importantly, you will be expected to undertake a fitness to work medical at least every three years.

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