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Medical Practitioners conducting Safer Together Fitness to Work medicals on behalf of member organisations need to know more about the process and the tools that will be used:

  1. The reason why the Medical Assessment Guideline exists is because industry asked for a standard industry approach for Fitness to Work medicals. It’s also been developed because many of our frontline workers work in remote locations away from sophisticated medical response. It’s aimed at mitigating serious events (i.e. stroke and heart attack) and because regular medicals help individuals identify and manage health issues. It’s being conducted every 2-3 years.
  2. Medical Practitioners conducting Safer Together Fitness to Work medicals will need to be AHPRA registered. The Fitness to Work medicals will be conducted as directed by Safer Together member companies using the Medical Assessment Guideline and associated forms and processes.
  3. Candidates being assessed need to fill out individual assessment forms to provide background to the Medical Practitioner undertaking the Fitness to Work medical.
  4. The Safer Together Medical Assessment Guideline provides guidance for Medical Practitioners to evaluate the results in relation to the candidates Fitness to work and their job role. It also provides a framework for the Medical Practitioner to complete a “Fit-Slip” for the candidate and the company the candidate works for.

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