Land Transport Working Group

The Land Transport Working Group exists to minimise the industry’s Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rate (TRIFR) attributable to road use.

Currently, operators in the industry drive an estimated 100 million kilometres a year. Road use is the most visible aspect of the industry to the general public. Based on current road safety statistics this volume of travel could result in a number of serious vehicle related incidents a year. This potential is considered to be unacceptable. The emphasis of the group is to deliver industry-wide initiatives to drive improved industry road safety standards. This will reduce the risk to industry operators and the public and enhance the image of the industry in the community.

The Group is working on the following projects and initiatives:

Light Vehicle Standard – develop and roll out a clear and simple direction on light vehicle requirements. Learn more >

Heavy Vehicle Standard – develop and roll out requirements for heavy vehicle safety, specifications and systems/protocol for use. Learn more >

Common IVMS Settings – develop and roll out requirements for In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS). Learn more >

Best Practice Safety GuidelinesCSG Logistics Safety Code of Practice – develop guidelines and other tools to facilitate cost effective compliance with the CSG Logistics Safety Code of Practice. Learn more >

Light Vehicle Driver Training – develop and roll-out an aligned light vehicle driver training framework for the Queensland Natural Gas E&P Industry. Learn more >

Land Transport Review Panel – share learning from incidents and innovations in the area of land transport related activities in Queensland Natural Gas E&P Industry.