Safety Leadership Working Group

The Safety Leadership Working Group exists to support leaders demonstrate effective and visible safety leadership and behaviours. The emphasis of the Group is on everyone, at all levels of an organisation, being a Visible Safety Leader.

The Group is working on the following projects and initiatives:

Safety Moment Cards – develop a simple, practical tool to provide inspiration for interactive Safety Moments in the workplace, aimed at developing an aligned understanding about the characteristics and behaviours of good safety leadership. Learn more >

Safety Leadership Tours – promote visible safety leadership and effective safety conversations at site level. Learn more >

Safety Culture Survey – develop and undertake a survey across the industry to assess and measure safety culture maturity and identify key areas for focus and improvement. Learn more >

Safety Culture Toolkit – strengthen safety culture across the industry by developing, promoting and supporting implementation of 3 Safety Culture Toolkit Guides. Learn more >

Safety Leadership Materials – provide a library of useful safety resources on a wide range of topics that are directly relevant to our industry in Queensland.. Learn more >