Rig Site Safety Working Group

The Rig Site Safety Working Group exists to improve the industry’s drilling and completions safety performance. The emphasis of the Group is to develop key competencies and tools and to provide an open forum with structured methods of sharing learnings and developing common outputs for implementation across the industry.

The Group is working on the following projects and initiatives:

Drilling and Completions Industry Incident Review Panel (DCIIRP) – share safety incidents and innovations within the Drilling & Completions sector of the Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry. Learn more >

Short Service Employee Management – provide best practice tools for managing risks associated with Short Service Employees (SSE) on the rig site. Learn more >

Work Party Interaction Table – develop and roll out a tool and process which assists with defining the safety responsibility of each work party on a wellsite and describing their interactions. Learn more >

Hazards and Habits – improve frontline worker connection with the hazards that they are exposed to in their day to day activities and the associated life-saving habits. Learn more >

Common Rig Certification (DROPS) – develop and roll out tools and processes based on the DROPS model. Use DROPS processes and tools as the basis for future expansion to broader rig certification activities. Learn more >

Hand and Finger Safety – reduce incidence of hand and finger injury at the well site. Learn more >

High Potential Incidents Prevention and Reduction Program – improve the process of learning from unwanted events and/or threats in order to reduce the occurrence of high potential incidents. Learn more >