Process Safety Working Group

The Process Safety Working Group exists to improve industry management of Major Accident Hazards. The emphasis of the Group is on raising awareness and understanding across the industry’s workforce that everyone has a role to play in managing process safety, by providing common tools that allow people to share learning and information.

The Group is working on the following projects and initiatives:

Major Accident Hazard Awareness Training – develop and roll out a transportable training programme to provide everyone working in our industry a basic understanding of major accident hazard events and the part individuals play in preventing a major accident. Learn more >

Process Safety Awareness Survey – develop and undertake a survey across the industry to establish a baseline of process safety awareness and identify areas where more focus is required. Learn more >

Topping Up the Toolbox – develop a suite of process safety toolbox resources tailored specifically for our industry in Queensland that member companies can simply pick up and use to educate their workforce. Learn more >

Process Safety Awareness Campaigns – develop a suite of quarterly communication campaigns tailored specifically for our industry in Queensland to improve frontline awareness of process safety issues, particularly in relation to oxygen deficient atmospheres, safe operating envelopes and hierarchy of controls. Learn more >

Process Safety Incident Review Workshop – communicate and share process safety incidents, learnings and key messages within the Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry. Learn more >