Assist and Assure Handbook

Assist and Assure Training Handbook.

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The Rig Site Safety Working Group has developed the Assist and Assure Training Handbook for use in the field.

The handbook can be ordered as is or customised with your member company logo.

The handbook is A5 in size and is printed on a glossy stock to ensure durability in field use.

Price is approximately $1.42 per Handbook (based on a standard order of 1000). Pricing will depend on quantity required and whether or not you require a standard or customised handbook. As a guide:

  •   200 handbooks = $532 ($2.66 per handbook)
  •   500 handbooks = $875 ($1.75 per handbook)
  • 1000 handbooks = $1,420 ($1.42 per handbook)
  • 2000 handbooks = $2,458 ($1.23 per handbook)

Our Print contractor will provide a detailed price on receipt of your enquiry.

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