How we are organised

Led by Senior Leaders

Business Leaders are in a unique position to influence safety – they make the decisions, provide the resources and drive the workplace culture in their companies.  If business leaders demonstrate through their words and actions that safety is a core value, then our industry’s safety performance will improve.

Safer Together is driven by the most senior in-country leaders from each participating company, not by their Safety Departments.

Industry Safety Forum (ISF) 

Industry Safety Forums attended by the CEO of each member company are held in Brisbane twice a year to ensure broad engagement with the Queensland natural gas industry and to identify emerging safety challenges, perspectives and solutions. The first Forum, held in November 2013, focussed on identifying and discussing the most challenging aspects of the industry where safety initiatives should provide most benefit.

The Industry Safety Forum acts as a review body for the ongoing development and delivery of the industry’s strategic safety plan.

Safety Leaders Group (SLG) 

The Safety Leaders Group oversees and steers the activities of Safer Together on behalf of the Industry Safety Forum. Comprised of 20 senior leaders drawn from member companies, the Group meets every 2 months in Brisbane.

Working Groups  

The backbone of Safer Together is a dynamic network of Working Groups that undertake specific work streams decided by member companies through the Industry Safety Forum.  Champions for each Working Group are drawn from the Safety Leaders Group. The terms of reference and first-year membership of these Working Groups were finalised following the second Industry Safety Forum, held in May 2014.

Safer Together Organisation Structure